What Is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is an inevitable journey that all organisations need to embark on, fundamentally changing the way in which business is done, and customers are served. It is a journey that begins by evaluating the way your organisation works, communicates, connects and collaborates

This evaluation process assesses the digital maturity, and current technology initiatives of your company, to help build your Digital Strategy and design a Roadmap for the journey. The Digital Strategy is the bridge between a company’s Business Strategy and their IT Strategy and is a strategic framework for creating and optimising the organisation’s digital business model. The Roadmap gives a prioritised view of business initiatives that you need to execute in order to reach your digital goals. Should you wish to take a deep dive into your enterprise landscape to enhance your roadmap even further, we can also extend our reviews with additional automated interrogations, through tools which can scan your systems and application landscape. Although this advisory phase of the journey forms part of a comprehensive Digital Transformation product suite, companies may choose to take it as a stand-alone service to identify their Digital needs or take a checkpoint in their current transformation journey.